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We offer a wide range of services & solutions.
Chimney Sweep & Inspections
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     Homeowners should be aware of the importance of having their Chimneys Swept and Inspected annually. During the burn season Chimneys are exposed to a wide range of temperatures and harsh seasonal conditions.


     Having your Chimney Swept and Inspected is an easy way to ensure the system is free of any blockages and meets the minimum acceptable levels of Chimney Safety.


     A Level 2 Chimney Inspection is typically required upon the sale or transfer of property or anytime the system's experienced a significant change such as a Chimney Fire. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Repair
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     One of the most important factors playing a role in your Dryer's overall performance is its Venting System. Dryer Vents should be free and clear of excessive lint and debris.


     When servicing these systems a before and after Air Flow reading is taken to ensure maximum efficiency and shortest possible dry time for your clothing.

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Masonry & Flue Repairs
Construction masonry cement mortar tools

     From time to time Chimneys and their Flues need repair or replacing. Neat Sweep Chimney Services is proud to offer a variety of solutions to address these issues.


     We provide solutions including installing Best Flex Stainless Steel Liners, Caps and Chase Covers, Class-A Self Insulated Chimney Pipe, Free Standing Wood Stoves and Fireplace Inserts just to name a few!


     We partner with local tradesmen to provide Masonry Services including Repointing, Crown Replacement, Flashing Repair, Brick Replacement and Full Rebuilds. Ideally these issues are detected early and Preventative Maintenance solutions can be applied.

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