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     Neat Sweep Chimney Services is Owned and Operated by local Islanders Nick & Lucia Shepard. With six years' experience in the Chimney and Venting Industry, Nick strives to be another valuable resource for Homeowners throughout Northern Vermont.


(Some of The Shepard crew!)

CERTIFIED Chimney Sweep

      As a Certified Chimney Sweep (#9443) with the Chimney Safety Institute of America, folks can be sure they're hiring a trained Service Professional when contacting Neat Sweep Chimney Services.

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CSIA Logo.png

"I think the work we do is important and the information we provide homeowners with makes a difference for them and their families. A lot of this information isn't common knowledge. I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the years participating in continued education where I can now provide folks with the detailed information and solutions they want."


     What makes Neat Sweep Chimney Services different is their commitment to helping educate homeowners on their home venting systems. Understanding the subtle factors that play a role in natural draft systems is key to identifying potential areas of concern. Not just when it comes to safety issues and protecting loved ones, but also helping identify Preventative Maintenance issues that have the potential to become more costly down the road. 

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